6 Home Remedies for Dry Skin

6 Home Remedies for Dry Skin

 Dry skin is commonly a complaint during the winter season. The cold and dry winter air takes the life out of your skin. There are plenty of lotions and moisturizers available to combat dry skin. But why spend extra money when you can nourish your skin at home. The truth of life is natural remedies are not only light on the pocket, but also quite effective in hydrating dry skin and bringing the skin back to a healthy state. Many of us might get dry skin only in winters - but it may also be all seasons for some. It varies from person to person where their skin feels the driest. In addition to that, Dry skin is likely to cause either one or more effects - the feeling of skin tightness, especially after bathing or swimming, skin looks and feel rough, itching, redness, slight flaking of skin, scaling or peeling of the skin etc.

We are here to let you know that you are not alone and we face the similar problem. Below we have mentioned-

Six Home-Made Hacks to Avoid Dry Skin During Winter Season

Olive Oil

Yes, you heard that right, olive oil is not only tasty but also has benefits with it. Use of olive oil is one of the most common skincare hacks. It has many antioxidants and healthy fatty acids that are great for your skin. It also soothes and conditions the dry skin in winter. Before heading for your shower, at least half-an-hour before, rub some olive oil on your hands, legs and other areas that suffer from dry skin and then massage it lightly until absorbed.  After your shower apply a light moisturiser. A pro tip, you can also mix one tablespoon of olive oil with your moisturizer for extra conditioning of the skin. 


We have heard since our childhoods that drinking milk makes you stronger, little that we know that it does make our skin stronger as well. If your itchy, dry skin is driving you crazy, then don’t sit and wait - go to the refrigerator and get milk. Pour it into a bowl, dip a clean cloth in the cold milk, and apply it to your skin for at least five to seven minutes. Milk has anti-inflammatory properties which often take the itch away. It stops the itchy-scratchy cycle. Milk also contains lactic acid, which heals your dry skin.

Oatmeal Bath

Not only is it tasty to eat but it has amazing skin benefits as well.  We all are aware that oatmeal has been used to treat skin for a few thousand years now. It is proven that it's effective for its moisturising, cleansing and anti-oxidative properties, mainly to treat dry skin in winter. Wondering how to make an oatmeal bath? Don’t worry we’ll help you, blend one cup of dry oatmeal (use plain instant, quick oats) in a blender and keep blending until you have a fine powder. Add little milk and honey to your oats and scrub it all over your body gently.

Aloe Vera

One most common plant in every household is the plant of Aloe Vera. Aloe is very famous for treating skin issues. It moisturises your skin and forms a protective layer that will keep impurities from entering your pores. The gel is likely to leave your skin feeling tight but won’t try it out. You can also swap out your regular moisturizer for aloe after bathing to help seal the moisture into your skin.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has intense hydration properties. It helps to boost your skin’s protective barrier layer and trapping moisture inside, keeping skin supple and hydrated. Take a small amount of coconut oil and massage it gently onto your skin until it's absorbed. Leave a light layer of coconut oil on your skin overnight. Anyone can apply coconut oil directly to their skin. However, it is also important to note that coconut oil cannot treat medical conditions.

Banana -

Not everyone knows that bananas work wonders on dry skins. Another natural ingredient to repair your dry skin, bananas come packed with a bunch of friendly antioxidants that get to work on replenishing the skin's natural texture. How to use it? Mash one banana into a smooth paste without any lumps, and apply it as a face pack for 30 minutes before rinsing it with water at room temperature.

Use these easy home remedies for a smoother, softer and even tone skin this winter.

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