Festive Make Up Looks You Need - 2023

Festive Make Up Looks You Need - 2024

Festive season is lurking just around the corner and with all the preparations you need to ensure that your makeup is on-point with your outfit. Festivals are all about good time with friends and family and of course good make up. We at L factor have brought something to take your festive spirits to the next level.

Makeup looks to get inspired by this season!!

All Natural Look

Any look is in incomplete with a tint of blush. The key to achieving that undetectable natural makeup is L factors cream blush is exactly what you need to achieve the all-natural look. This multi-purpose blush can also be used as a lipstick and eye shadow. Adding one shade across your lids, lips and cheek can look so chic and effortless. Another thing we love about tints is that they are matte but non-drying.


The Eye Talk Look -

Mascara - for many people THE favorite product in their cosmetics bag. Cat-eye mascara is the look you need this festive season. It is nothing but side-swept curled eyelashes that can be attained with the help of mascara. Use L factors mascara to make an illusion of longer lashes at the outer corners of the eyes to emphasize on the width and depth of eyes to give a dramatic look. This mascara look is all about the technique and precision with which you apply your mascara.


Lip ombré

  • The ombre lips never goes out of style, this festive season catch the attention with your ombre lips. Starting with the darker shade of L Factor liquid lipstick against your lips, apply it around the outer edge of your mouth, creating a clean line. Then take a lighter shade of liquid lipstick and apply the lighter shade on the inside of your mouth. Blend the two together using your fingertip, try doing it before its set matte. Ombré essentially has the effect of contouring your lips, so just like that, they look instantly fuller and more voluminous.


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