Hello, gorgeous people!

Welcome to L Factor cosmetics.

Skin care meets makeup.

A brand choice for everyone. We are the people who care about everything. We believe in beauty that goes beyond the self and in every interpretation of beauty.

Because of this we have created a range of makeup products that help us and nature stay beautiful.

We at L factor combine skin care into makeup and provide the formulated products that provide a comprehensive beauty experience to everyone through products that can be used by anyone.

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Why will you love our products?

There can be many reasons to love us but the main reason is ‘our most amazing and safe formula’ that is made and tested carefully, with the best results. We believe in humanity that is why we ensure our products are cruelty free (no testing on animals) and are 100% vegan. With all the love and care our products are safe and ready to use.

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Making the world a better place to live!

Formulations that are enjoyed by everyone!

Good things take time. Lots of testing, experimenting, and hard work. Keeping our vision first, the formulas created by us are safe to use. The ingredients that we have sourced are tested and processed several times. Our formulas are beneficial for all skin types and for every age group.

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