Best Matte Lipstick Shades for Dusky Skin Tones

Best Matte Lipstick Shades for Dusky Skin Tones

Finding the perfect lipstick shade for dusky skin tones can be quite the challenge. With so many shades and formulas to choose from, it's difficult to know which lipsticks will complement your complexion the most. As an Indian woman with dusky skin myself, I understand the struggle of finding flattering lip colors for dusky skin. 

What is Dusky Skin?

Dusky skin is a term commonly used to describe medium to deep complexions, typically found in people of Asian, African, Hispanic/Latin American or Middle Eastern descent.

Some key characteristics of dusky skin tones:

  • Often described as "warm", "golden", "olive" or "brown" in undertone. Less pinkish/rosy than fair skin.
  • Tans easily in the sun rather than burning. May have darker pigmentation like freckles or hyperpigmentation.
  • Categorized as Fitzpatrick skin types III-VI, based on a scale measuring skin's response to sun exposure.
  • Encompasses a wide range of shades, from light tan to very deep brown. Most commonly a medium-dark shade.
  • Commonly struggles with finding flattering makeup shades that don't look too bright, chalky or ash. Warm earth tones are generally most complementary.
  • Known for gorgeous, radiant glow. But also prone to issues like acne scars, uneven tone, discoloration.
  • Requires specifically formulated skincare and makeup products to meet needs, address concerns and enhance beauty.

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After testing countless lipsticks over the years, I've finally discovered my favorite collection - the Matte Luxury Lipsticks by L Factor New York.

Best Lipstick Shades for Dusky Skin From L Factor New York

Here are my top picks for the best matte liquid lipstick shades for dusky skin by L Factor New York:

Best Matte Lipstick Shades for Dusky Skin

Barefoot on the beach (Plum Undertone) Lip Color for Dusky Skin Tone

This beautiful “barefoot on the beach” is the perfect lip color for dusky skin. It's a muted rosy brown that enhances your natural lip color. The taupe undertones prevent it from looking too pink or purple on deeper skin. Mauve Majesty adds understated warmth and depth to your pout - ideal for both daytime and nighttime wear.


Love on fire (Plum Red) Lipstick for Dusky Skin

Craving a bold pop of color? “Love on fire” is a matte plum red that really makes a statement. This lipstick goes perfect for dusky skin. While many reds lean cool-toned and emphasize discoloration, this shade has a toasted warmth that flatters and melds with dusky complexions. It's sensual yet sophisticated. Pair it with a cat eye and glowing skin for a major glam moment.


Cocoa (Deep Brown) Lipstick for Dusky SKin

You can never go wrong with a rich chocolate brown or deep brown lip when you have a deeper skin tone. Cocoa is a luscious brown with a hint of red undertone. It's the perfect vampy shade for dusky skin for evenings out. And it also works for daytime when blotted into a soft stained finish. This shade is ideal year round and suits a wide range of complexions.


Bare (Deep Pink Nude) Lip Color for Dusky Skin Tone

For those who prefer nude-adjacent shades, “bare” deep pink nude is a must-have. Described as a dusty rose, it's a muted brownish pink that layers beautifully on deep skin. The grayish undertone prevents it from looking too barbie pink, while tiny flecks of shimmer add dimension. This lip color is ideal for no-makeup makeup days when you want an understated pout.


Cherry Blast (Cherry Red) Lipstick Color for Dusky Skin

This deep wine hue is a fabulous alternative to “cherry blast. Cherry  Blast has a luxurious red base with a touch of burgundy. The cooler undertone gives vibrancy to the color without emphasizing discoloration. It's an elegant, foolproof shade for cocktail parties and date nights. The creamy formula ensures maximum comfort through the evening too.


Babe (Earthy Nude) Lipstick for Dusky Skin

Every lipstick collection needs a sultry, smokey bronze shade. “Babe” shade liquid lipstick by L Factor New York has faded brown tones that almost resemble the smokiness of eyeliner. Unlike some browns, it doesn't give off orange tones, so it works beautifully on dusky skin. Line lips first to prevent feathering and apply two coats for high-impact color that mesmerizes.


Warm Hugs (Deep Mauve) Lipstick for Dusky Skin

This for mid-tone brown with “warm hugs” lip color for dusky skin is an easy shade to wear daily. It brightens the complexion and adds warmth to the lips. Warm hugs give you pigment without being overpowering. Build it up from a soft stain to full coverage. It also makes a fantastic base color to layer and mix with other lip shades. This versatile neutral works with any outfit.


Poppy’s Kiss (Brick Red) Lip Color for Dusky Skin

For fair to medium tan complexions or dusky skin tone, “poppy’s kiss” is ideal lipstick shade. This burnt orange shade feels surprisingly neutral on the lips. Apply a single coat for a sweet hint of color or layer it on fully for a bold autumnal look. Terracotta flatters warm golden undertones in skin and provides an earthy contrast against nighttime eye makeup. Take this lipstick from summer all the way through fall.

Poppy's Kiss

So Peachy (Peach Nude) Lipstick for Dusky Skin

If you prefer to keep it simple with barely-there color, “So peachy” is the one to get. This peachy nude looks flattering on dusky skin tone. It enhances rather than covers your natural lip color. Dab it on with your finger for a subtle wash of color. Bare Touch is easy to wear and ideal for achieving an effortless beauty.

So Peachy

With highly pigmented color payoff in just one stroke, L Factor's Matte Luxury Lipsticks last for hours without drying out your lips. The creamy formula contains argan oil, vitamin E, and tucuma butter to condition and moisturize while you wear the color. Plus, the pointed tip makes outlining and filling in your lips quick and precise.

Lipsticks often pull too pink, purple or bright on my skin tone. But L Factor's Matte Luxury Lipsticks are specially formulated with warm, earthy undertones that make them ideal for medium to deep complexions. The highly pigmented formula provides opaque coverage in just one swipe. And the matte texture feels incredibly lightweight and comfortable on the lips. No matter which shade you choose, these luscious lipsticks will make your pout look and feel fabulous!

Lipstick for Dusky Skin FAQS:

Q: What are the best lipstick colors for dusky skin?

A: There is no definitive answer to this question, as different lipstick colors can suit different preferences and occasions. However, some general guidelines are to choose colors that flatter your skin tone and undertone, complement your dress color, and balance your eye makeup. Some of the popular lipstick colors for dusky skin are red, nude, pink, coral, burgundy, and plum.

Q: How to choose a nude lipstick for dusky skin?

A: Nude lipstick is a chic and sophisticated choice for dusky skin, but it can also be tricky to find the right shade. A good rule of thumb is to match your skin tone with the lipstick shade. For example, if your skin is light, go for a paler nude, while if your skin is deeper, go for a richer nude. You can also look for warm, undertoned nude lipsticks that won’t wash out your skin.

Q: How to wear red lipstick with dusky skin?

A: Red lipstick is a classic and timeless choice for dusky skin, but it can also be challenging to pull off. A good rule of thumb is to match your dress shade with your lipstick shade. For example, if you have a bright red dress, go for a matching red lipstick, while if you have a dark red dress, go for a nude or pink lipstick. You can also contrast your lipstick with your eye makeup, and go for a subtle or natural eye look.

Q: What is the best daily use lipstick color for dusky skin?

A: The best daily use lipstick color for dusky skin depends on your personal preference, your dress color, and your makeup style. However, some general guidelines are to choose colors that flatter your skin tone and undertone, complement your dress color, and balance your eye makeup. Some of the popular daily use lipstick colors for dusky skin are nude, pink, coral, and mocha.

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