How to choose lipstick shade for your skin tone - L factor - Lfactor

How to choose lipstick shade for your skin tone - L factor

We all love lipsticks, as it boosts our confidence and makes us look more attractive. But sometimes it becomes very hard to choose the right shade of lipstick according to our skin tone. In the market, there are many brands as well as shades of lipsticks present, so getting the most appropriate lip shade looks like we are having an exam. To make your lip shade shopping easy, fun and productive, we are here to help on how to choose a shade of lipstick for your skin tone. 

Identifying your skin undertone before choosing the right lipstick shade

We all have skin undertones, it can be either pink or yellow. The best way to check and find the color of your undertone is to look at the veins that are present on your wrist. You will be able to observe that the color of your veins is either blue or green or it can be both. 

If the color of your veins is blue, then your undertone is cool pink. If veins are green, then you have a warm yellow undertone. And if the color of veins appear to be both green as well as blue, OMG! you are lucky to have a Natural undertone.  

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People with a warm yellow undertone can opt for the lip shades like red or some orangy shades that are warm and the shades like purple, pink, mauve or blue can be opted by the people who have a cool pink undertone. Natural undertone people can wear almost all lip shades according to the occasion. 



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If you are looking for some lipsticks according to your skin tone, let's see what works for you.

Lipstick Shade for Fair Skin

There are times when we are so confused that we can not figure out which shade will do the magic. So whenever you're in doubt, choose lipstick on the basis of your skin tone. If your skin tone is fair, shades like red or variations of red and pinks, some soft corals can do magic and will look perfect on your lips.



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Lipstick shades for dark skin

Try shades like deep plums, rich reds, berries, purples, these lip shades will look amazing and will give fantastic results. Avoiding shades that are light or the shades that look pale will work. Nowadays, people with dark skin tone have started flattering darker shades of lipstick and they look great.  And if you want some nudes lipsticks, then you can go for the shades that are slightly darker than your skin tone with some brown undertones. 



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Lipstick for Olive Skin tone

Variations of nude, red, or orange, almost every shade looks amazing on Olive skin tones. The best you can do is coordinate your lipstick with the outfit that you are planning to wear. Like if you are opting for a dark or warmer color outfit, go with bright and wark shades of lip colors.




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How to choose the best nude lipstick shades

Many people love nude shades as they are easily available and look great. So for your lips to look amazing nude, the one thing that you have to do is choose the right shade. The best nude shade is that shade which is slightly brighter or deeper as compared to your natural skin tone. Many people test lip shades on their hands, but for the best results and to make sure that the lip shade that you are choosing is best you should try it out on your lips (if possible). 



nude lipstick shades : Barefoot on the beach



Nude lipstick shades: Summer love

The way of choosing the best lipstick for yourself is all about knowing and identifying your skin undertone and skin tone. The complex process of selecting and choosing the right shade becomes very easy and foolproof after knowing your skin undertone. If you are a loyal matte liquid lipstick lover, then L factor has the most iconic shades of nudes and reds that you can choose and stay all day. Check out here:
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