Happy Women's day

Happy Women's Day


From fighting with society to ourselves, we women not just compromise but sacrifice many things and many of our dreams. Women are the strongest ones in the world. So, this Women’s Day L factor has decided to pay gratitude, all the affection, and love to all the women who stand strong in every situation.

This women’s day gift love to that woman who is the most special and is a support system throughout your tough times. And one of the ideal gift to surprise women is the lipstick that goes perfect with her skin tone and suits her. L factor liquid lipsticks are all made up of love and caring formulations. Lipsticks are the perfect gift for every woman as they make them look bold, confident and beautiful. L factor honors and respects all women, that's why our formulations are for every woman who wants to feel confident and love herself. With the nourishing tucuma butter, argan oil, and vitamin E, the L factor liquid lipsticks are highly pigmented that stays and slays all day long.

The shades our strong women will love


  1. Poppy’s Kiss
    With the sense of compassion, love, power, strength and boldness like our strong women. This red liquid lipstick is a perfect shade for the woman who is there with you in all your ups and down.

  2. Killing the Kindness
    The women who believe in themselves and are confident about her next move, this stunning red shade is for her.

  3. Warm Hugs
    This nude shade is a symbol of warmth, understanding and stability that women have.

  4. Summer Love
    The immense amount of love that every woman gives is unconditional. Gift this lipstick to that woman who gave you that love.

  5. Love on Fire
    She is not afraid to express her love, she is not afraid to give love, she is not afraid to accept that love you give her. Love on fire is the perfect shade of every woman who is not afraid of anything.

  6. Barefoot on the Beach
    The women who do everything with meaning and curiosity, this shade is for her.

Gift any of these shades available on L factor New York this Women’s Day, and see the happiness on her face. All the liquid lipstick available at L factor are cruelty free and 100% vegan. So without any second thought gift these beautiful lipstick and make her more confident and empowered.



Pratibha Sinha
Pratibha Sinha
You guys have real good stuff in lipsticks as I have tried them and my favorite is warm hugs, its the right nude shade for Indian skin.
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