5 tips to control chapped lips during this winter season

5 Tips To Control Chapped Lips During This Winter Season

We all know winter is associated with hot coffee and dryness. Not only does our body come in the radar of winter dryness but our lip does too. Like the rest of the parts, lips are also an integral part of our body and at times we end up neglecting it.

This frosty weather and cold winds tend to make them super dry, chapped and even the skin may peel out. So, one should take care of lips without making them forsaken!

5 tips to control chapped lips during this winter season

A few tips to keep your lips moisturized, soft and healthy during the entire winter season and you can thank us later *WINK*

1. Don’t peel or pluck your lips skin –

Everyone can relate with the major urge to peel or pick the skin off your chapped lips and it is natural but doing so is a complete NO-NO strictly. It’s not impossible and you can resist peeling or picking at the flaky skin on your lips to keep them healthy and avoid any further skin problems like scabs and blisters. Just like picking your acne does more harm than good to your skin and can leave life-long scars, the same way, peeling lips can also result in blisters and cracks which are not only unsightly but very painful as well. 

2. Avoid Lip Licking –

It’s nothing new that most of us lick their lips. It is a basic human tendency that we end up licking the lips; it gets more often in winters because the lips get dried easily. Licking your lips seems to be the best idea when they are feeling dry and parched. However, it can only make the dryness worse and thus you should break this bad habit. It may feel like a good idea and may moisturize your lips instantly for a while, but, this leads to submission of saliva on the surface which further adds to the damage.

3. Lip Scrubbing –

We exfoliate our body then why not lips? Lip scrubbing is a very essential part for your journey to healthy and soft lips. Lip scrubs usually contain two key ingredients: a rich moisturising element and a grainy scrub that acts as an exfoliant. These lip exfoliators typically have a thick Vaseline-like consistency.  This lip scrubbing practice helps remove dead skin cells, dry skin, and flaky skin from your lips. They also give your lips a nice, smooth, and hydrated feel for the pout you wished for. Not many people are aware that lips have a poor barrier functioning, which means that they cannot retain moisture very well. Using a lip scrub, you help prevent dry, chapped dry lips before that happens.

4. Keep yourself hydrated –

We need to agree that what goes inside our body shows up on our face and body. In winter, we might not feel very thirsty but it is our responsibility that we keep a check on the number of times we drink water in a day. If you hardly drink water, that can also be one of the reasons to have dry and chapped lips.

5. Apply good quality lip balm –

Having a good quality lip balm or lip mask is the best solution to your issue of chapped lips. Some of us may not see the ingredients list but it is surely a very important part when you are buying a lip balm or mask. Your lips undergo deep nourishment and moisturization. It is important to treat your cracked and chapped lips in time so it heals properly and the skin woes do not get worse. Try using a balm or lip mask that contains vitamin e and root extracts to stay on the lips for a longer tip to give proper nutrition to the lips.


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