Matte Trap Liquid Lipstick

Liquid lipsticks have taken the beauty world by storm, adored by makeup artists and beauty gurus alike. Their no-transfer and long-lasting properties have earned them rave reviews, making them a must-have in any makeup collection. With a wide range of sober shades, vibrant pops of color, and both glossy and matte finishes, these lipsticks can instantly transform your entire look. If you're still hesitant about hopping on the liquid lipstick bandwagon, let us introduce you to some of the best options available and guide you on how to use them like a pro.

What is a Liquid Lipstick?

Liquid lipsticks owe their fluid texture to the presence of oils and polymers. These lipsticks are designed to flush your lips with a rich and preferred color, elevating your overall appearance. One of the key advantages of liquid lipsticks is that they can create well-defined lip outlines without the need for a lip liner. Here are some of their remarkable features: Smudge-proof and long-lasting: Once applied, liquid lipsticks stay put for extended periods, resisting smudging and fading. No need for lip liner: Unlike traditional lipsticks, liquid lipsticks provide precise application without requiring a separate lip liner. Wide range of shades: You can choose from over 25+ hues and tints, offering options for every season and mood. Matte or gloss finish: Liquid lipsticks come in both matte and glossy finishes, catering to different preferences.

Liquid Lipstick Shades:

Get ready to fall in love with our L Factor's New York stunning range of lip colors! From bold and mysterious dark maroons to soft and elegant light mauves and nudes, we have shades to match every mood and occasion. Whether you want to feel sophisticated, confident, or add a touch of romance, our liquid lipstick collection has got you covered. Embrace your unique style and let your lips do the talking with our delightful array of hues and finishes. Here are some most popular matte liquid lipstick shades-
Warm Hugs (Deep Mauve): Embrace sophistication with this deep mauve matte liquid lipstick, exuding elegance and charm with its captivating hue.
Summer Love (Light Mauve): Elevate your style with a touch of subtle elegance through this light mauve matte liquid lipstick, perfect for a chic and romantic look.

Barefoot on the Beach (Plum Undertone): Unleash your bold and confident personality with this plum undertone matte liquid lipstick, making a daring statement wherever you go.

Killing with Kindness (Dark Maroon): Embrace mystique and sophistication with this dark maroon matte liquid lipstick, adding allure and intrigue to your lips.

Love on Fire (Plum Red): Set hearts ablaze with this captivating plum red shade of matte liquid lipstick, radiating confidence and sophistication with every application.

Poppy's Kiss (Brick Red) captures the essence of vintage charm and timeless appeal, presenting a classic hue of brick red in a matte liquid lipstick, suitable for any occasion.

Cocoa (Deep Brown): Unleash your inner allure with this deep brown matte liquid lipstick, a sultry and sophisticated choice for a bold statement.

Babe (Earthy Nude): Embrace the beauty of nature with this earthy nude shade matte liquid lipstick, offering a subtle and natural elegance for everyday sophistication.

Scandalous (Cusp of Red & Mauve): Experience the perfect harmony of red and mauve with this cusp shade matte liquid lipstick, offering a captivating blend of boldness and softness.

Bare (Deep Pink Nude): Discover a delightful fusion of depth and subtlety with this deep pink nude shade matte liquid lipstick, adding a touch of sophistication to your everyday look.

So Peachy (Peach Nude): Capture the essence of understated beauty with this peach nude shade matte liquid lipstick, providing a fresh and radiant allure for a natural glow.

Cherry Blast (Cherry Red): Turn heads and exude confidence with this vibrant cherry red shade matte liquid lipstick, a bold and timeless choice for a statement-making look.

Each shade of our matte liquid lipstick collection is thoughtfully curated to suit different styles and moods, empowering you to express yourself with unique charm and elegance. Find your perfect match and let your lips make a statement that reflects your inner beauty and individuality.

Best Liquid Lipstick in India

When it comes to buying liquid lipsticks in India, L Factor New York is your ultimate destination. We bring you an extensive and premium collection of matte liquid lipsticks in different shades that will make you gorgeous and classy at the same time. The liquid lipstick price varies based on factors like finish, pigmentation, and longevity, allowing you to select according to your preferences and budget.

How to Use a Liquid Lipstick?

Using liquid lipstick is a breeze with its built-in applicator. Begin by applying from the middle of your lips and then spread the color evenly. If you desire a more pigmented look, feel free to apply a second coat. If you have dry or flaky lips, applying a gloss over the lipstick or using a lip balm before can help. Besides wearing liquid lipstick on your lips, here are some other creative uses:

  • As a blush: Apply a small amount to your cheeks and gently blend with your fingers or a beauty blender.
  • For contouring: Use a liquid lipstick in brown shades for contouring your face. Put a few drops on a beauty sponge and blend it over the areas you wish to contour.


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Q1: Are liquid lipsticks kiss-proof?

A: Yes, they are transfer-proof, kiss-proof, and water-proof. Depending on the formula, they can last up to 8 hours or more without leaving marks on glasses while drinking.

Q2: Are all liquid lipsticks matte?

A: No, most of them dry to a matte finish, but you can also find glossy finish lipsticks.

Q3: Is liquid lipstick suitable for dry lips?

A: Yes, you can wear liquid lipsticks even on dry lips. Some formulas have nourishing ingredients to keep your lips hydrated. Popular choices in this category include L factor New York, NY Bae, L'Oréal, Swiss Beauty, and Stay Quirky Moisturizing.

Q4: Is liquid lipstick better than regular lipstick?

A: Both have their advantages. Liquid lipsticks are ideal for creating well-defined lip shapes, while regular lipsticks may require a lip liner to achieve the same effect.