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Why nude liquid lipsticks are everyone’s favorite companions?


Nude liquid lipstick

We’re referring to shades of lipstick that are subtle and oh, so sophisticated. Nudes are lighter shades across browns and pinks and are often worn as a part of everyday makeup looks. They have earned their name from being hues that are so close to our original lip shades that they provide the appearance of an absence of lipstick, making it seem like your lips are naturally and effortlessly gorgeous. However, if you said nude lipstick is meant only for casual wear, you would be making an under-informed statement. Nudes are currently the rage and for good reason. You see, they are some of the most versatile shades in the realm of lip color, and you’re about to find out why.

Perfect match for Smokey Eyes

For one thing, a nude lip is the ideal way to both complete and complement a Smokey eye or glam eye makeup. It’s a rookie mistake to pair a heavy eye with a heavy lip (unless you’re heading to a goth-themed party); however, a nude, such as a soft brown or a barely-there pink, is sure to be a winner. Another advantage that a nude liquid lipstick offers when you’re wearing it with a Smokey eye is that it brings the smokiness of your eye makeup into sharp focus, so your efforts really pay off. Popping eye makeup is always more pronounced when married with a soft shade of lipstick.


Nude Elegance

When we said versatile, we weren’t exaggerating. Nudes have a way of seeming like they’re meant for you no matter who you are and what your skin tone is like. You could see Lupita Nyong’o rock a baby pink pout and see Kareena Kapoor turn heads in a similar shade of lip color. With nudes, there’s never a chance of “you’re too dark for that” or “you’re too pale for that”. The shades fit regardless of ethnicity. Makes them more tempting, doesn’t it?

Nude liquid Lipstick with all ages

When it comes to makeup, a factor that often occupies our minds is age. Are we too young to ride that viral makeup wave? Are we too “over the hill” to try that cosmetic trend? Neither of these applies to nude lipstick. Young, old, or in between, there’s a shade for you; in fact, the same shade could fit people across all three categories. You could wear a nude to your sweet 16th, when you tie the knot, or for your 60th birthday! The possibilities are endless, and everyone is welcome to a nude palette party.


All time with Nude liquid lipstick

Also, you know how it feels like bolder shades of lipstick should be saved for date night, while softer shades are perfect for work wear? Or that metallic are ideal for Saturday nights but muted pinks are more meeting-with-the-bosses-friendly? That’s not exactly true. If you pick a nude shade, you can sport it at a wedding, on your first date, at a meeting, in church, or even to pick up your little one from school. Countless celebrities don nudes on the red carpet as well as while jaywalking. We told you — versatile!


Globe with Nude lipsticks

Nude liquid lipstick fever is spreading like wildfire across the globe, and another major reason for this is the fact that they look so natural on our faces. It doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard when you’re out there sporting a nude lip. These shades even out the natural color of our lips, making us look more presentable and quite gorgeous. They’re the must-have shades that are taking the internet by storm, and we believe they are even more attractive as matte ink shades. Why don’t you try one of ours?


mehak shanker
mehak shanker

Got the real insight of nude shades.

Sharmila Yadav
Sharmila Yadav
Nudes are my favourite. With this blog I have become more sure of using nudes more often as it goes with all day for almost all occasions.
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