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Set of 2 Matte Lipstick Combo - Sultry Passion

Set of 2 Matte Lipstick Combo - Sultry Passion

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  1. Vitamin E Matte Liquid Lipstick - Warm Hugs
  2. Vitamin E Matte Liquid Lipstick - Killing with Kindness

Net Volume : 5g + 5g = 10g

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Get your night glam on, with this lip combo! The bold burgundy lip that will make you talk of the town

QL factor says skincare meets makeup, How?
A We have infused skincare ingredients like oils, butters, vitamins etc in our makeup product formulation.

QAre these products vegan and cruelty free?
A Yes, we have pledged to be all vegan and cruelty free, so our all products are without any animal by products and strictly not tested on animals.

QIs this vegan makeup combo suitable for every skin tone?
AYes, as we have infused skin care ingredients in all our products which takes care of your skin.

QWhich age is suitable for L factor vegan makeup?
AAny age at which you like to have some fun with makeup as per your mood.

QIs it free from harmful chemicals?
A Yes, we do not use any toxic or harmful chemicals in our products. Our products are 100% safe to use.

Expiry Date :June 30, 2023

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