About Us

We are a brand with a mission of redefining luxury beauty  by creating amazing products at prices that do not dig your pocket. All our products are made with love and the skin loving ingredients, that is what we say at L Factor - #skincaremeetsmakeup. We pride ourselves on being Cruelty free, Vegan and cruelty free cosmetics, Clean - Conscious and pocket friendly and keeping consumers at the center of our world.

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With L Factor, you can be confident of getting makeup products that are highly performing and infused with skin loving ingredients. So without compromising be Confident. #wearyourconfidence.

Face makeup 
Face makeup is one of the important parts when we talk about makeup, but at the same time we get worried about our skin health while applying skin makeup. But not any more as we have come up with the face makeup products that are infused with the skin loving ingredients derived from plants with the latest scientific technology.                                  

We have launched creme blushes which are infused with grape seed oil high in vitamin c which helps to maintain the suppleness and brightness of your skin. Our creme blushes are also infused with sweet Almond oil, Moringa, Rosemary leaf and Vanilla fruit oil, Shea butter and Vitamin E besides the beautiful shades of mineral pigments. 

At L factor, we have blush shades for every occasion. Whether it's a Glamor party or a wedding or  a sunkissed look for an everyday office look. We have all that reds, pinks and nudes shade to choose the best for all Indian skin kinds. Our creme blushes are multitasking the same as of today’s Millennial women, so you can create your work of art with these super hydrating creme blushes on lips as well as eye shades and have all the fun.

With our Vegan cosmetics feel confident and look gorgeous. Brush up your cheeks with    our creme blush, get an instant sun kissed glow, be confident and awaken the goodness within you !!


Eye makeup

  • Eyes are believed to be windows to the soul, so they should be draped beautifully to accent the view. When we talk about eye makeup, the first thing that comes to mind  is the Kajal or Eyeliner pen and Mascara. Though, these two are the Go to makeup for eyes but we have many beautiful glitzy shades to dress up the eyes a simple and sophisticated look and make it stand out by accenting your best features with colors and techniques to suit your personal style and complexion. We love makeup that brings eyes front and center and celebrates their beauty.
  • The problem with eye makeup products is the retouching, smudging and the ingredients in them, as eyes are very sensitive, you have to be very careful while selecting eye makeup products.Here, LFactor Cosmetics steps in to rescue you from all this confusion of eye makeup products.
  • Our Eye products are paraben & Sulfate free, infused with skin loving ingredients, no harmful chemicals. We have in our collection Raven Black Eyeliner Pen that’s loveline and Volumeyes Mascara. They are easy to use, long lasting, water proof and smudge proof. Our eye makeup products are infused with Keratin, Castor oil, Argan Oil, Vitamin E, Jojoba Seed Oil, Marula Oil, Mango Seed Oil and Vitamin C. This assures you the safety of using our products. So for that  smokey eye look or that simple wing or just a dash of Kajal for your big bubbly eyes grab the eye products from our store and be assured to look your best and stress free for the health of your eyes.

Lips Makeup

  • Lipstick speaks louder than words.With the right color of lipstick, you can change your entire appearance. The shade of your lipstick has the power to reflect your true personality as well as adding aesthetic value to your appearance. Lipstick is fun as it indicates your mood.  But to have this fun, one should have the right lipstick shade for the occasion. With Lfactor range of lipsticks, you are sure to find your favourite  shade from our collection.
  • As the world is splurging on everything matte, LFactor has got long lasting matte lipsticks that will suit your look for every occasion. Our lipsticks are suited for all Indian Skin kinds.

            We make Vegan lipsticks that stay on for a long period of time without any hassles. Their creme hydrating formula keeps your lips looking pout ready all day long! And since lipstick is the basic of makeup and you want that color every day, we’ve created lip makeup that is infused with skincare ingredients. Our vegan lipsticks are made with Vitamin E, Tucuma Butter, Argan Oil and Mint leaves extract, it's a safe and care formula that your lips will love.

So, come on Girl’s go, grab and add these fabulous shades with all the benefits of skincare to your Clean & Conscious beauty collection.